Uptown Golf Help.
Unexpected things can happen.
Please click on the common problems below to find a solution.
If the issue still cannot be resolved, please leave the facility and a member of our staff will get back to you with the proper reimbursement.
My CloudKey won't open the door. / I didn't receive a CloudKey
Make sure that you correctly booked your session at your desired time by checking our Calendar. Your CloudKey should have been sent to you via email and phone text message approximately 2 hours before your scheduled session.

Your CloudKey will only work starting 10 minutes before your booking time, and will stop working 10 minutes after your session ends. If you are within these times, and your CloudKey does not work, we may be experiencing a severe power outage. Please leave the facility and one of our staff will contact you with a proper reimbursement.
I booked my session at the wrong time! Can I change it?
If you accidentally made a booking at the wrong date/time, please book a new session at your desired time, and contact us at Richmond Hill (richmondhill@uptowngolf.ca) or Kelowna (kelowna@uptowngolf.ca) to discuss your account in detail.
Your Bay Simulator will automatically turn on approximately 10-minutes before your scheduled time, and will automatically shut off at the conclusion of your booked session. If your session time has started, but your Simulator is still off (i.e. black screen), we may be experiencing a power outage. Please leave the facility, and one of our staff will contact you for the proper reimbursement. DO NOT tamper with the equipment, computer, or facility to try and fix it yourself. Otherwise, you will be charged for any damages if incurred.
If your touchscreen is frozen, please tap the screen and an option may appear to "Close The Program". Please select this option, and when are you back on the main screen, please double-tap the "FSX Foresight" Icon to restart the Golf Simulator Program.

If your touchscreen is black/off and not showing anything, make sure it is turned on by gently pressing the blue dot on the screen border in the bottom-right corner of the touchscreen.
If you broke, cracked, or damaged the touchscreen in any way due to your swing (unintentionally or intentionally), you will be held liable for the full replacement cost of the screen. The replacement cost is approximately CAD $2,000 and will be assessed after inspection. A member of our staff will be in touch with you to discuss the final replacement cost.

TIP: Our advice to new golfers who may be at risk of this violation. If you are new to golf, or have a very inconsistent swing, do not initiate a full and/or fast swing. This will lessen the chances of you potentially damaging the facility and incurring fines and penalties.
Make sure that the "ENABLE ON-SCREEN KEYBOARD" is checked in the Settings of the Foresight software. To do this, click the menu button on the top-right corner, then click 'Settings' on the left menu, then "On-Screen Data" on the top menu, and make sure that the "Enable On-Screen Keyboard" option is checked. See screenshot of setting menu below.
If it's been more than 30 seconds on the loading screen, the software may be stuck. Try to tap the screen to "Close The Program" and restart the golf simiulator software.
In the event that you cannot find the golf ball in the bay when you arrive, please check behind/under the front impact screen and/or take another Uptown Golf ball from another bay if it is empty. If all bays are full, please use your own CLEAN AND UNMARKED ball of your choosing.

Please check under the impact screen if you cannot find your ball. You can lift the screen up gently from the bottom. Please text us immediately if you lost a golf ball and/or rubber tee at the conclusion of your session.
The Foresight GC Hawk is very accurate, but requires the ball to be identified before every swing. At the top-left corner of the screen, there is a BLUE DOT. When the simulator has located the ball, the blue dot will change from blinking to solid. Make sure you swing after the blue dot has stopped blinking. Make sure you only have ONE golf ball on the dark green hitting mat at any time. Do not place any other foreign objects on the hitting mat.

Also, if you are wearing black/dark shoes with white markings, this may confuse the simulator. Please either change or take off your shoes.

A Quick Tip: Move the ball around the dark green hitting mat until the GC Hawk detects the ball. Both your feet and the ball should be centered on the hitting mat.
Each bay is equipped with a touchscreen. Use the touchscreen to choose your desired style of play (i.e., course, driving range, practice, etc.) The touch screen reacts the same way as your standard smartphone or tablet.
In order to log out of FSX, please make sure there are at least 2 players activated. (Add 1 player if needed). Once you do this, you will be able to delete/log out of your player profile from the player list.
If your screen shut off at the conclusion of your session, your account has automatically been logged off. If you forgot to logout of your FSX Account and another customer has started their session, please send us an email and we will do our best to log you out ASAP.
If something is still not working after trying any of the above solutions, please leave the facility, and a member of our staff will contact you the next business day with a proper reimbursement. We're sorry for the inconvenience but we promise to make it up to you!